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  1. Great news!!!…

    Date 26 Sep 2017
    I got shortlisted for a scholarship! … let’s see what happens from now until next year.  Thank You Trinidad and Tobago.

  2. Film Festival Guide

    Date 11 Sep 2017
    No words needed

  3. Creating Islands

    Date 02 Sep 2017
    I keep working with palm oil and glitter. These are a few experimental drawings I plan to keep working on when I get back to Trinidad… have also ran out of palm oil.

  4. Portable Tropics

    Date 20 Aug 2017
    I have constantly thought about the idea of home; It is reoccurring layer in my works. During my time in Germany I had time to reflect on the things that we do to cope with our existence in new places or even in the place that gave birth to us; creating…

  5. New work / Experiments in Germany

    Date 02 Aug 2017
    For the past few days I have began experimenting with palm oil and glitter.  This is a step forward from my initial text drawings with palm oil earlier this year. My initial interest with palm oil came from my research of black slaves in the Americas. What were the things…

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