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  1. Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

    Date 20 Jul 2017
    I’m on my way to Germany and I got an email saying that my video collab along with Joanna Helfer got selected for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. Good stuff.

  2. Caribbean Majestic

    Date 15 Jul 2017
    Along we all my SYoS we were working on a body of work which probably will never get shown.  I leave you guys here with a sample of a picture of us in beach wearing balaclavas. 

  3. Print for “Incertidumbre y Fracaso”

    Date 25 Jun 2017
    Artist Joanna Helfer has began to work on a collaborative print that goes along with our “incertidumbre y fracaso” video work in the Dundee Print Collective Space. It is a 5 limited edition print.  Here I leave you guys with a preview of the print.

  4. WIP: Incertidumbre y Fracaso

    Date 12 May 2017
    Been working on a video in collaboration with Joanna Helfer. Here i leave you guys with an Image.

  5. Scotland: Lights Out

    Date 02 May 2017
    Along with Artist Joanna Helfer, I worked on a sound piece that was part of Lights Outs in Scotland in early May. Here is the sound piece we worked on. RAIN / LA ESPERA Enjoy

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