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  1. November 2020

    06 Nov 2020
    November 2020 seems to be a very busy month I will be talking to Middle and high school students in MLit organized by Fin Bradley from the Virginia Fine Arts Museum. I will also be part of a series of group shows: InLight / Afrikana Film Festival - 1708 Gallery.…

  2. Mar de Islas 2021

    12 Oct 2020
    Happy to be one of the selected artists for the performance encounter in Mar de Islas. ashe

  3. Film Festivals

    28 Aug 2020
    I am happy to share with you all the Official selection of my video to the Afrikana Independent Film Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival Synopsis Collection of phrases from 2013 - 2016 that talk about blackness, failure, hopelessness, and death—thoughts about water on how it gives life…

  4. We Are More than a Moment

    12 Aug 2020
    Genevieve Gaignard, our MCLA Artist-in-Residence selected 40 artists from the nearly 100 submissions we received for the group exhibition, We Are More Than A Moment. MCLA’s Gallery 51 is grateful to Genevieve for curating this exhibition and we are very excited to open the show next Wednesday, August 12th Here…

  5. Art with a Limited Lifespan

    01 Aug 2020
    Art with a Limited Lifespan A conversation between Marsha Pearce and Luis Vasquez La Roche Marsha Pearce: Hi Luis, how have you been coping during this time? I know this is a particularly charged question for you as you’ve been completing graduate study at VCUarts, in a city that was

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