1. Screening: Ojos Caribe - Casa Mella Russo

    2023-03-30 15:39:35 UTC
    Encantade de ser parte de este grupo de artistes. Gracias @patricia.encarnacion.c @yelaineartspace and @ginamgoico Ojos Caribe invites you to its second edition of Caribbean videography and discussion panel, hosted by Casa Mella-Russo (@casamellarusso) during Design Week RD 2023. Organized by Patricia Encarnación, co-curated with Yelaine Rodríguez  and Gina Goico…

  2. AIR: FIAP Martinique

    2023-03-01 15:43:00 UTC
    Luis Vasquez la Roche est un artiste et éducateur qui réside entre Trinidad-et-Tobago et la Virginie. Diplômé des beaux-arts de l’université de Virginie, sa pratique s’intéresse aux aspects de la traite transatlantique des esclaves qui se répètent de manière variable dans le temps Nous l’avons rencontré lors de Mar…

  3. Exhibition: My Condolences

    2023-01-21 22:28:00 UTC
    M+B is pleased to present MZ.25 (My Condolences), an exhibition by Monsieur Zohore. The exhibition opens on January 21 and will run through February 18, 2023 with an opening reception on Saturday, January 21 from 6 to 8 pm.  The value of blackness resides in its metaphorical aptitude,…

  4. Screening: Ojos Caribe

    2022-12-17 15:36:00 UTC
    Happy to be part of this group of artists OJOS CARIBE: Videografía Caribeña y Panel Conversatorio (Cinemateca Dominicana) . Por invitación de @estefanythen_ la artista Afro-Dominicana Yelaine Rodriguez invita a cinco artistas Caribeñes de República Dominicana y Trinidad & Tobago a una noche de proyección que se enfocará en la…

  5. Exhibition: InLight 2022

    2022-11-18 22:17:00 UTC
    InLight 2022 1708 Gallery’s 15th annual InLight will take place November 18-19, 2022 at Bryan Park in Richmond, Virginia. Artists will create works that engage with and expand upon the histories and current activities that comprise Bryan Park, as well as the site’s current uses. These include Gabriel’s Rebellion and…

  6. Exhibition: Caribbean Yet to Come

    2022-11-09 22:21:00 UTC
    Happy to be part of this. Thanks Arnaldo Curated by VisArts’ 2022 Emerging Curator Arnaldo Rodríguez Bagué Kaplan Gallery November 9, 2022 – January 8, 2023 On the Coastlines of a Caribbean-yet-to-come is a curatorial research project that takes an embodied look at Caribbean islanders’ contemporary geographical performance practices enacted…

  7. Exhibition: Documenta Fifteen

    2022-07-04 22:14:00 UTC
    Happy to be invited to be part of Documenta 15 by Alice Yard “Luis Vasquez La Roche is Alice Yard’s second artist in residence at documenta fifteen. From 4 to 17 July, 2022, they are based at WH22 in Kassel. During their time there, they will present a series of…

  8. Exhibition: Subversive Media: Materiality and Power

    2022-06-05 00:09:00 UTC
    Subversive Media: Materiality and PowerSubversive Media: Materiality and Power posits that the often overlooked component of our visual language - materiality - plays a critical role in the representation of power. The 10 exhibiting artists creatively reconstruct our visual language through the articulation of material, underscoring the agency…

  9. Exhibition: Healing a Broken World

    2021-07-01 06:36:00 UTC
    Above there is an image of the exhibition at the Inter-American Bank in Washington DC. Here is a link to the publication:

  10. Exhibition: Precarious Performances

    2021-06-20 05:39:18 UTC
    Happy to be part of the exhibition Precarious Performances. Curated by Chelsea A Flowers.  Opens on Monday, June 21st, 2021. Check out that golden shoe… Ase

  11. To Read: Art Connect - Artist to Watch

    2021-06-18 20:41:12 UTC
    Got featured in Art Connect - Artist to watch : ASE

  12. Project: Destination Log

    2021-06-06 06:28:00 UTC
    Honoured to have collaborated with Lisa-Marie Harris and Leanne Wiggers. ABOUT Sails, secured in a casket, are sent between agents - from one artist to another - in different locations across different global cities. They travel alone, in stasis and isolated, in this time of inertia. Becoming reanimated, mutated, changed…

  13. To Read: Aint Bad 15

    2021-06-06 06:18:00 UTC
    I am part of Aint- Bad 15 I am looking forward to see the printed version  =) “Aint–Bad issue No.15 represents some big things for our small company. 2020 was a year of unprecedented events, challenges, and outcomes. The world as we know it has changed, and so has Aint–Bad.…

  14. To Read: REST AT HOME

    2021-04-23 06:08:00 UTC

  15. Exhibition: Visualizing / Performing Blackness in the Afterlives of Slavery: A Caribbean Archive

    2021-04-02 20:47:00 UTC
    Happy to be part of this. Visualizing / Performing Blackness in the Afterlives of Slavery: A Caribbean Archive at The University of Chicago

  16. To Read: Number INC Magazine

    2021-03-29 20:32:00 UTC
    Interview with Luis Vasquez La Roche Written by Haley Clouser with Luis Vasquez La Roche Through his performances and participatory installations, Trinidadian-Toboggan artist Luis Vasquez La Roche presents a mirror onto our world, raising pertinent questions on the historical and future realities of colonialism and labor systems. To unpack these…

  17. Entre Puerto Rico y Richmond: Women in Resistance Shall Not Be Moved

    2021-03-20 06:23:00 UTC
    The dance film “Entre Puerto Rico y Richmond: Women in Resistance Shall Not Be Moved” links interrelated histories of racism and colonial capitalism in Virginia and Puerto Rico. Filmed in a former American Tobacco Company warehouse, the film honors the spirit of resistance and liberation of Black female tobacco stemmers…

  18. Exhibition: An A-historical Daydream 14th A.I.R. Biennial

    2021-02-12 06:44:00 UTC
    February 12 — March 14, 2021 Curated by Jasmine Wahi Jo Ann Block, Marcy Chevali, Jin-Yong Choi, Molmol Kuo, Marina Leybishkis, Nikki Luna, Helina Metaferia, Marianna Peragallo, Nitcha Tothong (Fame), Luis Vasquez La Roche, Noa Yekutieli A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to present its 14th Biennial exhibition, An A-historical Daydream, curated…

  19. To Watch: Rumors of War: One Year Later

    2021-01-23 05:54:00 UTC
    Rumors of War: One Year Later Created by the 2020-2021 Museum Leaders in Training cohort at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Glad I was part of this  

  20. To Read: MFA Thesis - Art and Education

    2021-01-14 06:13:00 UTC
    Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts Facebook / Instagram / Twitter Like many other MFA programs in spring 2020, the graduating students at VCUarts were not able to show their work in a final thesis exhibition due to the global pandemic. There have been a wide array of…

  21. Exhibition: Reclaimed, Reimagined

    2020-11-12 06:40:00 UTC
    RECLAIMED, REIMAGINED Curated by David Rios FerreiraFeaturing: Kelly Chuning, Maya Ciarrocchi, Vanezza Cruz, Francisco Donoso, Alexis Duque, Fei Li, Maria Liebana, Dionis Ortiz, Deja Patterson, Brad Silk, Jill Slaymaker, Joey Solomon, Luis Vasquez La Roche Opening Reception: Thurs, Nov. 12, 6-9pm  Dates: November 12 - December 12 2020 Regular Hours:…

  22. To Watch: November 2020

    2020-11-06 05:40:37 UTC
    November 2020 seems to be a very busy month I will be talking to Middle and high school students in MLit organized by Fin Bradley from the Virginia Fine Arts Museum. I will also be part of a series of group shows: InLight / Afrikana Film Festival - 1708 Gallery.…

  23. AIR: Mar de Islas 2021

    2020-10-12 06:30:00 UTC
    Happy to be one of the selected artists for the performance encounter in Mar de Islas. ashe

  24. Screening: Film Festivals

    2020-08-28 17:21:06 UTC
    I am happy to share with you all the Official selection of my video to the Afrikana Independent Film Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival Synopsis Collection of phrases from 2013 - 2016 that talk about blackness, failure, hopelessness, and death—thoughts about water on how it gives life…

  25. Exhibition: We Are More than a Moment

    2020-08-12 06:42:00 UTC
    Genevieve Gaignard, our MCLA Artist-in-Residence selected 40 artists from the nearly 100 submissions we received for the group exhibition, We Are More Than A Moment. MCLA’s Gallery 51 is grateful to Genevieve for curating this exhibition and we are very excited to open the show next Wednesday, August 12th Here…

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