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  1. LA HISTORIA SE REPITE | Chilean Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago

    Date 27 May 2018
    I was invited by the Chilean Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago to show some work. I leave you guys here with a temporary invitation

  2. Update - New Work

    Date 01 May 2018
    I have been making some work I’m really excited about in the past few months. just want to share a few images with you all. Some of these works are still on development.  

  3. TVE in Australia

    Date 11 Apr 2018
    Transoceanic Visual Exchange in Australia My video work “Espacios Imaginarios” got selected to be shown in and Iteration of TVE in Australia. Here are some images of the space.

  4. Heterotopias in Scotland

    Date 02 Jan 2018
    Based on Other Spaces by Foucault and his concept of Heterotopias. “the heterotopia is capable of juxtaposing in a single real place several spaces, several sites that are in themselves incompatible” Foucault references gardens as being an example of Heterotopias as they try to condense multiple real spaces into one…

  5. Transoceanic Visual Exchange

    Date 04 Oct 2017
    “Incertidumbre y Fracaso” got selected to screen in the video experimental exhibition in Barbados and Melbourne. Joanna will be shipping one of the prints to Barbados for the exhibition.  Also my video “Espacios Imaginarios” got selected. =) Good stuff.

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