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  1. Film Festival

    28 Aug 2020
    I am happy to share with you all the Official selection of my video to the Afrikana Independent Film Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival Synopsis Collection of phrases from 2013 - 2016 that talk about blackness, failure, hopelessness, and death—thoughts about water on how it gives life…

  2. WIP - Palm Oil

    29 Mar 2019
    I have been making these text paintings/drawings with palm oil and looking into national symbols. Crit coming up.

  3. VCU_NEW studio

    13 Aug 2018

  4. VCU - Fulbright scholar

    31 Jul 2018
    I got accepted n Virginia Commonwealth University to the Painting and Printmaking program. good times ahead!

  5. LA HISTORIA SE REPITE | Chilean Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago

    27 May 2018
    I was invited by the Chilean Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago to show some work. I leave you guys here with a temporary invitation

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