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  1. WIP - Palm Oil

    29 Mar 2019
    I have been making these text paintings/drawings with palm oil and looking into national symbols. Crit coming up.

  2. VCU_NEW studio

    13 Aug 2018

  3. VCU - Fulbright scholar

    31 Jul 2018
    I got accepted n Virginia Commonwealth University to the Painting and Printmaking program. good times ahead!

  4. LA HISTORIA SE REPITE | Chilean Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago

    27 May 2018
    I was invited by the Chilean Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago to show some work. I leave you guys here with a temporary invitation

  5. Update - New Work

    01 May 2018
    I have been making some work I’m really excited about in the past few months. just want to share a few images with you all. Some of these works are still on development.  

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