Luis Vasquez La Roche holds a BA in Visual Arts from the University of the West Indies and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. They have exhibited work and performed in institutions such as Field Projects in NY, ICOSA in Austin TX, Denison Art Space in OH, Deakin University in Melbourne Australia, La Vulcanizadora in Bogotá Colombia, MCLA Gallery 51 in MA, Fresh Milk in Barbados, Alice Yard, Medulla Art Gallery and Y Art Gallery in Trinidad and Tobago, LACE in Los Angeles CA, AIR gallery in NY, The Carr Center in Detroit MI and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Richmond VA.

They were selected for OAZO Artist in Residence in The Netherlands in 2013 and Beta Local's 2016 Itinerant Seminar in Puerto Rico. They were the recipient of the Fulbright scholarship in 2018. 

They are currently a full-time lecturer at the Academy for the Performing Arts at The University of Trinidad and Tobago.

Artist Statement 

Since I found the Slave Registry of Trinidad and Tobago, I have taken an interest in archival documents and images that relate to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. I became interested in aspects that repeat themselves in varying ways in the present. Aspects such as labor, death, erasure, oppression, violence, and discrimination are profoundly present. Even though the slave trade managed to dehumanize millions of Black people, with the consequence of continuing to do so in the present, we can find hope, resistance, and resilience.

An essential part of the research is an inquiry regarding material associated with the history of the slave trade. I employ these materials in my work to articulate aspects of race, identity, culture, politics, and spirituality. Some of my works are installations that require a live component for activation, some works are sculptural, and occasionally these objects become props for a live performance.

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