Walking again

Earlier this year Scottish  Artist Joanna Helfer came to Alice Yard to take part on a two month residency. During her two months in Trinidad she described her walking practice and asked me to take her to two place that I found important or that I considered relevant to any capacity. The first place that I took her was to the foreshore close at the end of Mucurapo Road. From there if you look into the ocean on a clear day you  can see Venezuela. On Hazy days, she disappears; somewhat poetic, nostalgic and sad. That was also the place I celebrate my 33rd Birthday. It is a place that I only plan to visit once more and probably never again. 

Later that month, we took a walk from Chaguaramas to Macaripe Beach and the abandoned American base in Tucker Valley road. These two locations would later become the locations where we would later shoot a collaboration video called ” Incertidumbre y Fracaso”

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