June/July 2020

During the month of June and July I did two performances that I di not get a chance to do during my time in Graduate school. I finally got to finish the second version of OYA- 9394 and the casting for the Impossibility. None of this would have been possible without the help of LaRissa Rogers, John Chae, Bryan Castro, Raul Aguilar, Marcela Borquez, Mariah Barden Jones, Ellen Hanson. VCUarts PAPr faculty and Staff: Noah, Cara, Caitlin, Holly, Hope, Brooke, Kat, Hillary, Lupe, Abigail. etc. Can’t forget Francisco and Kyrae. obviously, there are a lot more folks that helped in many other ways… All the folks who donate to rent the refrigerated truck. Anyway, is a long list. 

here are two images of those two performances.

Endless appreciation and love to those who always have my back.



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