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  1. Rumors of War: One Year Later

    23 Jan 2021

    Rumors of War: One Year Later Created by the 2020-2021 Museum Leaders in Training cohort at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Glad I was part of this  

  2. June/July 2020

    01 Aug 2020

    During the month of June and July I did two performances that I di not get a chance to do during my time in Graduate school. I finally got to finish the second version of OYA- 9394 and the casting for the Impossibility. None of this would have been possible…

  3. We Out Here

    07 Feb 2020

    We Out Here. Denison Art Space, Denison University. Curated by Tara Fay Coleman and JSTN CLMNT. Thanks, Tara and JSTN - I carry you both deep in my heart. L ASE

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