Diccionario Negro

I have been working in these text drawings with palm oil. I am researching part of the Venezuelan black history while looking at the history of Venezuela. Is interesting that the only way to find any sort of literature of the Venezuelan black slaves is while looking at the whole history of Venezuela. This might sound a bit ridiculous and obvious, but the limited amount of information available about slaves in Venezuela is rather limited. While looking for newspaper articles or essay, I remembered that the Spanish language words are all part of what we call. “La Real Academia Española”. This institution is the one that decides what becomes a words and the definition. I went ahead to search in the Real Academia Española dictionary the diverse and borderline racist definitions for the words negro, which is commonly used in latin America to refer to someone Brown, African Descent or black. The word was used during times of slavery to refer to black people. The word  was later taken by the British who created the word ” Nigger”. 

Even though this word has such a heavy history the word negro is loosely and widely used

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