Cutlass in Hand (2019)

Cutlass In hand is a performance that partly speaks about my relationship to brujeria and its  rituals. Yoruba religion is the base for many of many religions that are now part of the African diaspora in the Americas. Throughout my life I have been exposed to these religions, their rituals and beliefs through my family.

Very similar to many other stories and traditions were passed down, these rituals were passed down to my family. Neither my grandmother or my mother were initiated into any of these religions… but they were both practitioners. The same way it was passed to them it was passed on to me. I do not call these rituals "performances". I am not interested in sharing the ways they are done or the reasons why they are done or teaching others how to do them. I am not interested in exploiting them or exoticizing them. I am interested in problematic normative of christianity. What has christianity ever done for black folks in the past and what does it do for them in the present? I am interested in the slow erasure and the denigration of these religions and the way how media portrays these religions in such a negative way. The most common knowledge of these rituals is that they are considered black magic. Something that is supposed to harm others...something that is meant to invoke ill wishes upon others.

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