Exhibition: InLight 2022

InLight 2022

1708 Gallery’s 15th annual InLight will take place November 18-19, 2022 at Bryan Park in Richmond, Virginia. Artists will create works that engage with and expand upon the histories and current activities that comprise Bryan Park, as well as the site’s current uses. These include Gabriel’s Rebellion and its legacies; disc golf and soccer; bird watching; the park’s environmental and ecological life; the park’s wildlife as well as its native flora and fauna; weather and climate patterns in the U.S. upper south; and of course the park’s significance to its surrounding communities. The artworks will focus on ideas around gathering and dwelling, waiting and interruption, play and contemplation and will be future-thinking projects that reflect but are not bound by the histories and themes surrounding Bryan Park.

InLight 2022 is curated by Tiffany Barber and Wesley Taylor.


Zalika Azim, Sara Bouchard + Jared Duesterhaus, Elizabeth Coffey, Nyssa Collins, Stephanie Dinkins, Nathaniel Donnett, Meredith Drum, Kyle Epps, Gene A. Felice II + Coaction Lab, Dream Hampton + Sterling Toles, Luis Vasquez La Roche, Massa Lemu, Eric Millikin, Kayla Payne, and Holden Treadway.


Screenshot of Vasquez La Roche video La Limpieza
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