Screening: Ojos Caribe - Casa Mella Russo

Encantade de ser parte de este grupo de artistes. Gracias @patricia.encarnacion.c @yelaineartspace and @ginamgoico
Ojos Caribe invites you to its second edition of Caribbean videography and discussion panel, hosted by Casa Mella-Russo (@casamellarusso) during Design Week RD 2023.
Organized by Patricia Encarnación, co-curated with Yelaine Rodríguez  and Gina Goico 

Join us for an evening to celebrate a group of artists from different parts of the Caribbean who document the region with critical, political-cultural, and sensitive eyes. This projection will focus on narratives about creating in community, afro syncretism, and rhythms and performances. 

Wednesday, March 15, 7:00 PM.
C. Duarte esq. Nouel @casamellarusso 

 In this edition, Ojos Caribe proudly presents local Dominican artists, the diaspora, Trinidad, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Eliazar Ortiz @eliazarortiz6 “Majagua a Maguana 2023”- Geraldine Rivera @es_geraldine “Ojo Kkkaribe” - Gina Goico @ginamgoico “Pelliza: Cotidiana (La UASD y el Salón)” - Jeissy Trompiz (Director) @trompiz1 Gregorio Rodríguez (Productor) gregorio.rodriguezj “El Gagá de PIRULO (Teaser)” - Jonathan Carela @jonathancarela “Rebote” - Luis Vasquez @vasquezlaroche “Half-Deck / Brookes” -Manuela Hidalgo (Directora) @manuu_mh Paula Cury (Productora) @paulacurym Ōkubo ( Música ) @okubo_n16 “Vidalita” - Nadia Huggins @nadiahuggins “Circa No Future” - Patricia Encarnación @Patricia.encarnacion.c & Gina Goico @ginamgoico “Sou/venir” - Yaissa Jiménez & Kilpatry Montes de Oca (Producción y dirección) @yaissa_jimenez @kilpatry “Hombre Bomba” - Yelaine Rodriguez @yelaineartspace “Ezili Dantor, Freedom & The African Diaspora.”

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