Exhibition: Caribbean Yet to Come

Happy to be part of this. Thanks Arnaldo.

Curated by VisArts’ 2022 Emerging Curator Arnaldo Rodríguez Bagué

Kaplan Gallery

November 9, 2022 – January 8, 2023

On the Coastlines of a Caribbean-yet-to-come is a curatorial research project that takes an embodied look at Caribbean islanders’ contemporary geographical performance practices enacted on, with, and through the submerging archipelagic stage of Puerto Rico’s colonial coastlines, mangroves, and littorals. While the exhibition pays material attention to islanders’ terraqueous entanglements with the oceanic, telluric, and atmospheric forces constantly on the move across tropical islands, the curatorial proposal centers on how Caribbean artists re-signify their forced intimacies with coastal erosion into Antillean performance practices that approximate climate-change-inflected oceanic forces’ ruinous effects as a Caribbean geo-poetic. As a curatorial research project, On the Coastlines of a Caribbean-yet-to-come seeks to trace a series of Antillean performance practices that speculatively ruinate Caribbean islands’ colonial-built-environments and transforms them into Antillean refuges below Caribbean islands’ oceanic horizons.

Participating Artists: Eduardo Alegría, Javier Cardona, Teresa Hernández, Carlos Martiel, Johan Mijail, Lydia Nichols, La Nietas de Nonó, nibia pastrana santiago, Elizabeth Robles, Pó Rodil, and Luis Vasquez La Roche.


Vasquez La Roche Performing Half Deck / Brookes. Puerto Rico
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