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  1. Exhibition: Subversive Media: Materiality and Power

    2022-06-05 00:09:00 UTC

    Subversive Media: Materiality and PowerSubversive Media: Materiality and Power posits that the often overlooked component of our visual language - materiality - plays a critical role in the representation of power. The 10 exhibiting artists creatively reconstruct our visual language through the articulation of material, underscoring the agency…

  2. To Read: Art with a Limited Lifespan

    2020-08-01 06:52:00 UTC

    Art with a Limited Lifespan A conversation between Marsha Pearce and Luis Vasquez La Roche Marsha Pearce: Hi Luis, how have you been coping during this time? I know this is a particularly charged question for you as you’ve been completing graduate study at VCUarts, in a city that was

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