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  1. 2 Isles at Y Art Gallery

    21 Jul 2016
    I am glad to announce that I will be part of a group show called ” 2 Isles” at Y art Gallery along with artists Alex Kelly (Trinidad and Tobago), Versia Harris and Simone Asia (Barbados).   Curated by Gyerlini Clarke.

  2. (S)HOW at Medulla art Gallery

    20 May 2015
    I will be part of an exhibition called (S)HOW at Medulla Art Gallery. I will be showing next to Jamie Lee Loy, Nikolai Noel, Alicia Milne, and Tamara Tam-Cruikshank. Curated by Alicia Milne. 17th of June 2015. 

  3. SYoS open crit

    22 Jan 2015
    I am going to be part of the first SYoS open crit along with my friend and artist Nikolai Noel. The event will take place in Alice Yard. 7th February at 3 pm.  I will be showing a couple of pieces : audio ” Decirle negro es con cariño” and…

  4. 200 Drawings

    07 Aug 2014
    Along with my SYoS colleagues we decided to do “200 drawings”. The event will take place in Granderson Lab On Saturday 30th August 2014, artists Luis Vasquez La Roche, Alicia Milne and Nikolai Noel will participate in a drawing performance in which each artist images the other artists 100 times.…

  5. Transforming Spaces: Water 2014

    02 Apr 2014
    Some of my work got selected for Transforming Spaces exhibition in the Bahamas.  Image by John Cox

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