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  1. Caribbean Majestic

    15 Jul 2017
    Along we all my SYoS we were working on a body of work which probably will never get shown.  I leave you guys here with a sample of a picture of us in beach wearing balaclavas. 

  2. Print for “Incertidumbre y Fracaso”

    25 Jun 2017
    Artist Joanna Helfer has began to work on a collaborative print that goes along with our “incertidumbre y fracaso” video work in the Dundee Print Collective Space. It is a 5 limited edition print.  Here I leave you guys with a preview of the print.

  3. WIP: Incertidumbre y Fracaso

    12 May 2017
    Been working on a video in collaboration with Joanna Helfer. Here i leave you guys with an Image.

  4. Scotland: Lights Out

    02 May 2017
    Along with Artist Joanna Helfer, I worked on a sound piece that was part of Lights Outs in Scotland in early May. Here is the sound piece we worked on. RAIN / LA ESPERA Enjoy

  5. Walking again

    17 Mar 2017
    Earlier this year Scottish  Artist Joanna Helfer came to Alice Yard to take part on a two month residency. During her two months in Trinidad she described her walking practice and asked me to take her to two place that I found important or that I considered relevant to any…

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