Luis Alberto Vasquez La Roche

Born in Caracas, Venezuela 1983. Resides in Trinidad and Tobago


MFA candidate, Virginia Commonwealth University '20 / Fulbright Scholar 

B.A in Visual Arts //  Minor in Spanish Language

Solo Exhibitions

La Historia se Repite, Trinidad (2018)

The Search - La Busqueda, Trinidad (2012)

Joint Exhibitions

Afrolatino, The Anderson. Richmond VA (2019)

Parallel Play, Fine Arts Building. Richmond VA. USA (2019)

Champagne and Gold, UWI, Trinidad and Tobago (2019)

Great Noises Fill The Air, Dundee, Scotland (2018)

Transoceanic Visual Exchange: Experimental. Melbourne, Australia (2018)

Siempre hemos estado aquí ¿no?. Colombia (2018)

Heterotopias. Dundee, Scotland, (2018)

Transoceanic Visual Exchange: Experimental. Barbados (2017)

Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival: Experimental films, Trinidad (2017)

Lights Out. Scotland (2017)

A People’s Archive of Sinking and Melting. San Jose Museum of Art , California (2016)

2 isles. Y Art Gallery, Trinidad and Tobago (2016)

Open Air Prisons: Las Antillas para los Antillanos. Los Angeles, California (2016)

Living in the end times. Galerija Miroslav Kraljević .  Zagreb, Croatia (2016)

(S)how, Medulla Art Gallery , Trinidad (2015)

Transforming Spaces "Water", Bahamas (2014)

Metro Movies, The Netherlands (2013)

Common Place Kingdom, Trinidad  and Tobago Art Society (2013)

New Media, Trinidad (2013)

UWI Visual Arts 25th Anniversary Exhibition, University of the West Indies, Trinidad (2012)

Urban Heartbeat, neurotitan Gallery Berlin, Germany. (2012)

Postal Art Trinidad 2012. Trinidad (2012) 

W.O.M.A guest artist P&E, Grenada. (2012)

Mensajes Positivos, Chile. (2011)

Erotic Art Week, Trinidad. (2010)

Art and Design, University of the West Indies, Trinidad. (2009)


Junta de Libros Vecinos. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2018)

200 Drawings, Trinidad (2014)

Emigrante Experiments Pt1, Video experiments. Trinidad. (2012- 2013)

Untitled P&E, Trinidad (2012- 2013)

Who am I?, Trinidad. (2012)

Urban Heartbeat - De mi barrio a tu barrio, Trinidad. (2012) 

Postal Art Trinidad 2012, Trinidad (2011-2012)

P&E zine, Trinidad. (2011- 2012)

Pinky and Emigrante, Trinidad. (2011)

Artist in Residence // Seminar

Beta-Local Itinerant Seminar, Puerto Rico (2016)

Open Ateliers Zo AIR, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013)

Artists Talks

Afrolatinidad. NLS, Jamaica (2018)

Transoceanic Visual Exchange. Barbados (2017)

SYoS open Crit 01, Alice Yard, Trinidad (2015)

P&E goes Bijlmer, Cbk Zuidoost Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2013)

P&E in Alice Yard, Alice Yard. Trinidad (2013)

Memberships // Collectives

Founding member of SYoS (See You on Sundays) 

Critical Theory group and Arts Education collective (2013 - Present)

Pinky and Emigrante (P&E)   (2011 - 2013)

Grants // Awards

Fulbright IIE Foreign Student Program, Fulbright Program. Department of State of The United States of America (2018- 2020)

Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism Grant, Trinidad. (For residency at Stichting Open Ateliers Zuidoost, Amsterdam, 2013)

Other Work Experience

*Full time Lecturer at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad. (Present)

Masters in Education Technology // Diploma in Animation

*Part time Lecturer at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.Trinidad. (2013 - 2016)

Diploma in Animation

*Digital Compositing and Editing Director, Full Circle Animation,Trinidad. (2012 - 2015)

*Art Director/Production Manager, Full Circle Production,Trinidad. (2009 - 2012)

*YTEPP Retraining Program,Facilitator: YTEPP,Trinidad. (2011-2012) 

*Graphic Designer, Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival, Trinidad. (2009 - 2013)

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